ऍहसान तेरा होगा मुझ पर (ईंस्त्ट्रुमेंटल वाद्यसंगीतः घनश्याम ठक्कर (ओएसीस) Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)

Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par Instrumental

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Mohammed Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar

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Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

Hi friends,

This song from film Junglee  is one of the best emotional love songs ever. The song was composed by great composer duo Shankar Jaykisan, and sung by also great singers Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. A generation later, singer Sonu Nigam rerecorded the song in giving tribute to late Mohammed Rafi. He also did great job.

Modern top rated electronic keyboards have two type of instruments. Acoustical sounds and electronic sounds made especially for electronic keyboards. Most artists use electronic sounds, because they are easier to play, and there is no comparison with real acoustical sounds. As long as you  press right notes, music will sound good. But it requires different type of skill and experience to use acoustical sounds. First of all, there is no way you can match good acoustical instrumentalists. They have much more control on effect and expression of the compositions. Example: breath in woodwind and horn instruments; and pressing of strings in string instruments. When you play saxophone or violin on keyboard, only thing artists can do is how they press the keys. From very beginning, I have liked to use acoustical instruments on my keyboards. Many instruments you hear on my websites and blogs are programmed by myself to create good emotions.

I recommend you use good quality speakers, or at least good headphone to have good listening experience of keyboard music.

I hope I have done good job to give good expression and emotions in playing Saxophone and violin on my keyboard.



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