Happy New Year (Behkaye Ja – Slow Lyrical Dance) – Oasis Thacker

Music Composer and Arranger: Oasis Thacker

Singer: Jyotstna Hardikar

Happy New Year to all the friends

I wrote and composed this song in 1995. First person for singer came to my mind was Asha Bhosle.  When I came to India in 1996, I called Ashaji. She was nice enough to answer my call twice. She was extremely busy at the time internationally. So she wished me luck, but could not sing.

Jyotsna Hardicar is a great singer who tried this song, and sang it amazingly well. She is a playback singer for many Marathi films, as well as regular singer for Door Darshan. She has close relationship wit Lata Mangeshkar.  Due to Lataji’s busy schedule, Joytsna sang demo songs for Lataji, so she can save some time.

I don’t think anyone else except Ashaji could sing this song as Jyotsna has sung.

First I thought of making it a fast song. You must have heard a demo of that on my website in past. But I thought Lyrical style would fit the song the best.Later I created fast instrumental dance version. You can hear both the versions on this post.


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